Wooden H-beam "H-20 beams”


Technical specifications of construction beam "H20 beams"

  • GOST 34329-2017; GOST R ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001:2015)
  • European standard EN 13377-2002;
  • length — 1500-6000 mm;
  • beam height — 200 mm;
  • beam flange width — 80 mm;
  • beam flange thickness — 40 mm;
  • сhipboard thickness — 24 mm;
  • сhipboard flange width — 120 mm
  • сhipboard tooth cutting into beam body, depth — 12 mm;
  • width of flange shoulder — 28 mm.
  • bending moment — maximum permissible value (no more than) 6.0 kNm
  • weight of construction beam — 5.3 kg/running meter;
  • bending moment — maximum permissible value (no more than) 6.0 kNm;
  • shear resistance — maximum permissible value (no more than) 12.0 kNm.


  • Plywood Details
  • Клей Подробно
  • Брус Подробно
  • Пропиточный состав Подробно
  • Торцевая заглушка


Our company carries out a full production cycle on modern equipment, using the highest quality materials that meet all the requirements of the European standard EN13377:2002. This ensures consistently high quality of the final product.The main load-bearing function of an H-beam is performed by flange made of bar.Our company produces a complete production cycle for this bar, which includes sawing the log, drying, calibration and planing the finished product.So we control the process at all stages and can be responsible for the quality of the finished product.